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Treatment Graduate Apprentice Creative Stylist Senior Stylist Tina Lombardi
Cut & Style £51 £54 £61
Wet Cut £44 £48 £54
Restyle £57 £59 £64
Fringe Trim £5 £5 £5
Shampoo & Set £15 £15 £18
Cut & Finish £33 £35
Restyle £35 £37
Pre-School £12 £15 £18 £20
Primary School £14 £20 £23 £25
11-16 £18 £23 £26 £29
11-16 restyle £22 £27 £32 £35
17 £22 £29 £31 £40
Pre-School £15 £15
Primary School £23 £25
11-17 £25 £27
Treatment Graduate Apprentice Creative Stylist Senior Stylist Tina Lombardi
Balayage £82 £85 £88
Balayage t-section £52 £55 £58
Balayage & colour £102 £105 £108
Full head highlights long £96 £99 £103
Full head highlights medium £86 £89 £92
Full head highlights short £75 £78 £91
Half head highlights long £80 £83 £86
Half head highlights medium £75 £78 £81
Half head highlights short £65 £68 £71
T-section long £54 £57 £60
T-section medium £51 £54 £57
T-section short £46 £49 £52
Face frame £25 £27 £29
Slices creative £25 £27 £29
Full head colour long £45 £54 £57 £60
Full head colour medium £30 £42 £45 £48
Full head colour short £35 £46 £49 £52
Regrowth long £35 £47 £50 £51
Regrowth medium £30 £42 £45 £48
Regrowth short £25 £37 £40 £43
Colour around highlights £28 £30 £33
Toner long £33 £33 £33 £33
Toner medium £30 £30 £30 £30
Toner short £27 £27 £27 £27
Treatment Graduate Apprentice Creative Stylist Senior Stylist Tina Lombardi
Perm starting from £85
Treatment Graduate Apprentice Creative Stylist Senior Stylist Tina Lombardi
Blow-dry short £20 £29 £32 £35
Blow-dry long £25 £32 £35 £38
Blow-dry after colour £15 £15 £15 £15
Olaplex in colour £10 £10 £10 £10
Olaplex with blow-dry £30 £35 £38 £41
Olaplex stand alone treatment £18 £22 £25 £28
Olaplex with cut & style £60 £63 £66
Treatment Graduate Apprentice Creative Stylist Senior Stylist Tina Lombardi
Long Hair £170 £170
Medium Hair £150 £150
Short Hair £130 £130

When booking please note that each stylist has a unique style and price for their services. View the team page to get an idea who would best suit your needs. (If you’re unsure, feel free to give us a call) 0117 942 1006

It is essential that we perform a skin allergy test for you at least 48 hours before your colour service. We will ask you for a 50% deposit when we do this, which can only be refunded if you give more than 48 hours’ notice of cancellation. Please note that for all outbound appointments there will be an additional fee per mile.

Our pledge: if you’ve had a treatment you’re not happy with, contact the salon within 2 working days and we’ll be happy to put things right.
Please note: we charge an upfront cost of 50% on all colour corrections.

Proudly serving Bishopston

Located on the Gloucester Road in Bishopston, Bristol, moda brings you a talented team of hair stylists and colourists.

We’ve been awarded 5 stars in the ‘Good Salon Guide’, you’ll find that the salon has a warm friendly atmosphere, meaning you get the look you want from a team that really cares.

We specialise in wedding and bridal hair and have helped brides all over the south-west achieve the perfect look on their big day, telephone the salon for a FREE consultation today on 01179 421 006 or send us a message by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Book your hair consultation today at moda hairdressing online by clicking the “BOOK TODAY” button or by telephoning the salon direct on 01179 421 006


Meet the Gloucester Road team



moda Creative Director

Moda Hairdressing was established in 2005, opening its’ doors on 6th December.
For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to become a hairdresser, with the dream one day, to own my very own salon.
Now, 16 years on, I am blessed with a fantastic loyal clientele, a passionate and an enthusiastic team where the salon continues to go from strength to strength, achieving 5 stars from the ‘Good Salon Guide’.
In addition to offering all aspects of cut and colour, we are specialists in Bridal hair, where we offer a bespoke service and consultation to ensure every Bride feels the best on their special day.
I am proud and thankful to have had the opportunity to have worked with so many inspirational hair icons over the years, including working for well recognised brand; Matrix for 9 years as an Educator, alongside a Member of the ‘Fellowship’, ‘NHF’, ‘Hair Council’ and ‘HairUncut’.
Above all things, my passion and greatest joy is being at home in Moda making my clients feel special and creating long lasting relationships with them ♥️


Senior Stylist

My hairdressing journey started about 17 years ago and has never stopped. Through the years I’ve taken part in fashion shows, photographic work, becoming a hairdressing educator and excelled nationwide in competitions.

I’ve spent the years taking great pride in perfecting my craft and falling more in love with hair. I’m a cutting specialist and basically a colour magician.

In the past couple of years I’ve had at Moda I’ve loved being in a salon that represents the heart of it’s community. The salon is filled with joy and passion and I’m proud to be a part of that.



Senior Stylist

I began in Moda in 2008 at the age of 16 as a Saturday girl, born and bred Moda, Tina trained me in all aspects of my hairdressing until becoming a stylist, I went on to build up my clientele within the salon until I left to have my daughter. I have now returned to Moda to continue what I love to do most, I particularly enjoy colour work but I love all areas of hairdressing and have most enjoyed returning to the salon floor in my role as a senior stylist.



Creative Stylist

I started in Moda hairdressing in 2019 I studied at reflections training academy for 2 years with most of my training being done in salon. Everyone helped me in different aspects of hairdressing helpingme become a qualified hairdresser. I love all hair but particularly colour transformations. I’m excited to be on the shop floor building my clientele and expanding my knowledge.



Creative Manager/Salon Manager

I started here at moda at the age of 15 in 2016 during my final year of secondary school and then went on city of Bristol collage where I completed my level two and three hairdressing qualification. I am now in the salon full time and am building up my own clientele.

I feel privileged to work alongside a talented team of stylists and enjoy growing my knowledge every day.

I adore al aspects of hairdressing but I have found a real love for creative colour.

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